What will I cook today? What will I cook tomorrow?

Do you also ask yourself these types of questions? In a couple of hours it is lunchtime again and the family would like to have a cooked meal on the table. Preferably it should be fresh, eventually organic, but it should definitely be delicious. Every day not only housewives face the problem of what they should cook today? Most of the people have a certain amount of recipes but they would like to try out different things, and change their standard recipes, which they use week in and week out. I also asked myself this question and unfortunately most of the time I cooked Spaghetti Bolognese or a frozen Pizza with tuna.

Honestly, I didn’t want to follow this habit anymore and after a quick research in the Internet I found the website called HelloFresh. Every week fresh ingredients and inspirational new recipes! Free delivery to your front door! This raised my interest and I ordered my first recipe box and you can guess I was amazed. A couple of weeks later I started this Blog in order to give you an answer to the question: What will I cook today!

Always following the slogan: “What will I cook toady?” I upload every meal with the ingredient list, videos of preparation as well as photos online on this Blog as well as on my social media channels, in order to give you an impression about the various things you can cook for your beloved ones at home.

Every Week New! Every Week Fresh! Every Week Surprisingly Delicious!

How one of my typical weeks looks like

In order to give you a first impression how one of my typical week looks like, please have a look at the following recipes:

One week with delicious as well as balanced dishes, which will surprise you every single day of your cooking life. Now only one single question still needs to be answered:What are YOU cooking today?


Full refrigerator but no idea?

Your fridge is full but you have no idea what you are going to cook? No problem! Just use the search function on this Blog, which is situated on the right bottom corner and search for delicious recipes. Just enter your existing ingredients from your fridge with a space or a comma and find yourself a delicious recipe for today!

Household tips and other questions

Besides the question, “What will I cook today?” or “What will I cook tomorrow?”, we also answer various questions about the household and kitchen in general. You will find many helpful guidelines and support for instance how to cut an onion without getting tears in the eye, how to grate mozzarella as well as how to prevent or get rid of onion or garlic smell on your hands.

No time to cook

A lot of people subsist themselves nearly every day with Junk Food or Food, which is made in a microwave due to occupational reasons. They do that because they think they do not have time to cook. I think this is just a convenience issue! There are so many recipes, which does not take much time and are freshly cooked as well as they taste so much better as the prepared food with flavour enhancer.

Just spend for instance your lunch break at home and take the time to cook yourself scrambled eggs with vegetable on top of a toast or white bread. This does not even take 10 minutes and it tastes delicious and definitely much healthier as a burger with fries around the corner. Furthermore, you could also enjoy salmon in a bun with fruit yoghurt. Super Delicious and Made Super Fast! Try it out!

Delicious Recipes for Vegetarians!

Vegetarians and people who want to become a vegetarian or if you just don’t want to eat meat can also benefit from the recipes I upload. In my recipe database are many vegetarian meals & recipes, which will surprise you every single day. Just browse in our database and cook yourself happy today…